The hulled hemp seeds soft tasty centre

      • Perfect Omega 3 & 6 Ratio
      • Natural Source of Vitamin D
      • Great for Weight Loss
      • Anti Inflammatory
      • Highly Digestible Vegan Protein


    • Hemp Factory

      Hemp Factory has a mission to educate everyone on the nutritional, therapeutic, and environmental benefits of hemp foods. Nutrition is the most important aspect to improving overall health physically and emotionally and hemp foods (which includes our hemp oil, hemp seeds and our hemp protein powder) are the superfoods that can assist you with this.

  • Hemp Factory can help those in need to build a solid nutritional foundation, and also supply the right information on how to incorporate hemp foods into their everyday lifestyle. Nearly 12 months of research went into sourcing and developing the highest quality hemp foods which include organic hemp seed oil, hemp seeds and protein powder. Hemp Factory can help those looking to buy hemp seeds online or those wishing to buy hemp oil and protein powder in Australia.

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    • Hemp factory started with an idea in early 2016, and established as a business to share our passion for health, education, and high quality hemp foods to support a better you every day.
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