6 Benefits of hemp seeds in your daily meals.

    • Conversations about the health benefits of superfoods are often flooded with generalised physiological terms that, despite having significant impact on our health and wellbeing, can be difficult to measure on our own.

      We know that the high nutrient profile of hemp seeds has incredible benefits for our bodies like supporting our immune system and cardiovascular health, but what are the notable improvements to our health that we can experience daily?

      We’ve put together a list benefits of eating hemp seeds, and how they can potentially improve how you feel in your everyday life:

      1. Reduces sugar cravings
        Eating food high in sugar blocks the body’s absorption of magnesium and calcium. It has been proven that deficiencies in these essential minerals cause sugar cravings. Hemp seeds are high in magnesium and calcium which will balance your blood sugar levels and help to decrease your cravings for sugar.

      Healthy fats also assist in reducing sugar cravings so the perfect Omega 3 and 6 ratio found in hemp seeds makes them a great tool for controlling sugar intake.

      1. Relieves symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome
        Even if you don’t experience PMS symptoms yourself, it’s likely that someone you love does. Women who experience PMS are often deficient in gamma-linolenic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid that the body cannot produce and must obtain from our diet.
        Hemp seeds are a great source of GLA which has been proven to naturally balance hormones and reduce the effects of high prolactin levels associated with PMS. Treat yourself or gift your loved ones some hemp seeds to help build up GLA levels and relieve cramping, bloating, breast tenderness and irritability associated with Premenstrual Syndrome.
      2. Decreases stress and anxiety
        The high amount of magnesium and amino acids found in hemp seeds help to decrease stress and mild anxiety. Magnesium supports neurotransmitter functions in the brain. If the body isn’t getting enough amino acids, it can produce high amounts of stress hormones.

      A balanced diet rich in magnesium and amino acids, together with a good sleeping pattern, is crucial for the brain to remain stable and to reduce stress and anxiety.

      1. Boosts energy levels
        The protein found in hemp seeds give you a long-lasting source of energy throughout the day. The body takes longer to break down protein than it does carbohydrates and sugars, which means it releases energy slower and more consistently.
      2. Reduces arthritis and joint pain
        Inflammation is one of the main causes of joint pain and arthritis. Hemp seeds are one of the best natural sources of gamma linolenic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. A number of studies have found that GLA significantly reduces the pain caused by arthritis. Hemp seeds can be even more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs in reducing symptoms of arthritis.
      3. Supresses appetite
        Hemp seeds are a natural appetite suppressant and make you feel fuller for longer. They contain high amounts of amino acids which release appetite suppressing hormones that help you recognise that you are full. Amino acids also slow down digestion which contributes to the feeling of satiety.

      It is recommended that adults have 3-5 tablespoons of hemp seeds each day. If you’ve got a big day ahead, try having them in the morning with your breakfast. You’ll be amazed at how well your appetite is controlled and how your energy levels are sustained throughout the day.