About Hemp

    • Our Hemp Products are 100% natural, free of any pesticides, herbicides, and any other nasty agri-chemicals, including genetic modification, and are grown in organic conditions. Hemp plants (industrial cannabis sativa) naturally grows tough and hardy, it has its very own anti-microbial properties that protects the plant from foreign invaders.

      Transparency with food quality is key: Here is our supply chain, and all you need to know about hemp food cultivation.

      Where does Hemp Factory’s seed supply come from, is it organic?

      Hemp is a seasonal crop and new to the Australian landscape for food cultivation, farms that we currently partner with are spread across all regions of Australia, in particular the east coast. With farmers in Tasmania, Western Victoria, NSW, and QLD. We have access to a large variety seasonal of hemp seeds, all with their own unique profiles and freshness depending on the harvest date. The farmers we choose are those that practice chemical and spray free agricultural practices, and are not grown near any other contaminating crops.

      Organic cultivation takes a minimum of 3 years of organic farming practices to gain accreditation, as none of our hemp farms have been growing for a long period of time, no Australian Hemp Growers have the ACO accreditation.

      Why do I see organic on the shelves?

      If you see Certified Organic Hemp Foods, they will contain imported seeds from Europe, China or Canada.

      How is your hemp oil made?

      Hemp seed oil is cold pressed from the raw seeds of the industrial hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). The process is simple and chemical free. The seeds are pressed without heat to preserve the essential fatty acids, and the bold green oil is filtered and bottled. Simple, unrefined, raw, and nutrient dense. Just how we like it.

      Hemp protein is a by-product that is made from the seed cake, which is left behind from the cold pressing process from the oil creation. This makes hemp protein a great 100% natural plant based protein source that is also high in Essential fatty acids, Amino Acids, Fibre, Vitamins, and minerals.

      How are the seeds made?.

      We take a whole raw hemp seed fresh, and break it open to reveal the nutty nutritious heart inside.. The seed casing that is left behind is being explored as a biodegradable, eco-friendly product for many cool inventions like this.. Making hemp a truly sustainable crop in so many ways.

      Can hemp get you high? Is there any THC in hemp foods?

      No, the industrial hemp that our farmers cultivate are strictly regulated to only contain amounts of THC that are basically undetectable (0.3%). Hemp agriculture is subject to strict batch testing by the DPI. This makes Australian hemp foods a non-physcoactive superfood source and 100% safe for all ages.



      What are hemp foods / hemp products?

      Hemp Seed Oil: Cold pressed from the industrial cannabis sativa seeds (much the same as olive oil). Hemp seed oil has a high concentration of amino acids, and a perfect ratio of omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids. It is also an alternative, sustainable option to replace fish oil, and is Vegan-friendly. Read More

      Hemp Hearts: (Hulled hemp seeds) The heart of the industrial cannabis sativa seed, hulled or extracted from its hard shell, leaving the soft nutty tasting centre. Very high in digestible protein, soluble and insoluble fibre. Hemp seeds benefits are plentiful and they truly are a superior superfood Read more

      Hemp ProteinHemp seed oil is extracted form the hemp seeds, and leave behind a seed cake which is milled into a fine powder, this is what we call hemp protein. Hemp protein is very high in fibre, and a great source of vegan-friendly digestible protein. It blends easily and has a great nutty taste. Hemp protein Can also be used for animal feed rather than grain feed for cattle. This makes cattle and meat sources healthier and reduces GMO grain products. Read more

      MORE FAQ’s

      Can I cook with hemp seed oil? 

      Hemp seed oil is high in polyunsaturated fats, meaning it has a lower smoking point than other oils like coconut oil and vegetable oils. As heat can destroy the good fats on offer in hemp seed oil it is not recommended that you cook with it, and is best consumed raw.

      Will eating hemp foods get me high? 

      No, Industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) is grown with THC levels of less than 1%, and by law can not have more that 0.3% THC in a food crop. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive compound found in Marijuana that gets you high. For more information please read our blog >>> Hemp Vs Marijuana, Whats the difference? 

      Are hemp foods safe for children, and expecting mums?

      Yes, hemp foods are safe for children and expecting mums. Hemp foods are highly recommended in fact as a great source of Omega fatty acids, vitamins minerals and protein for breastfeeding mothers. Read our blog here on >>> Hemp Foods for expecting mums and babies.

      Can I sprout hemp seeds?

      No, the whole hemp seed is needed to sprout from germination. Hemp seeds cannot be grown as a hobby, and strict licenses are required to grow hemp crops in Australia.

      What is high CBD hemp oil, and is hemp seed oil the same as CBD oil?

      CBD or cannabidiol is a therapeutic compound found in the hemp plant, high CBD hemp oil is illegal for sale in Australia without a medical license. Our hemp seed oil is a nutritional supplement only, and contains little to no CBD.

      Is hemp seed oil good for pain relief?

      Hemp seed oil is a nutritional supplement with anti-inflammatory properties. It is not designed for chronic pain relief like (CBD) or (THC). Please consult your healthcare professional on the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega fatty acids that are found in hemp foods.

      What is Hemp, and what are Hemp Foods?

      • Industrial Hemp has been a part of ancient medicine, nutrition and textile exports for thousands of years. This ancient and sustainable agri-crop knows no boundaries when considering sustainability and its minimal impact on nature and mankind itself.
      • Industrial hemp seeds are cultivated for food purposes from the hemp flower. The hemp flower is processed into three main nutrient dense hemp foods. Hemp seed oil, Hemp Protein and Hemp Hearts (hulled seeds).

      What else can be made from hemp?

      • Hemp clothing can be made from the sustainable fibres of the industrial hemp plant.
      • Hemp milk can be made with hemp seeds and water by blending and processing the two together. Hemp milk for vegans is a great substitute to other animal based milks and those allergic to soy.
      • Hemp Plastic is carbon neutral, bio degradable and highly sustainable for the planet.
      • Hemp Houses are made from hemp fibres mixed lime, creating a strong carbon neutral fibre

      What are the Benefits of Hemp on the Environment?

      • Industrial Hemp fibre: Reduces our carbon footprint by replacing toxic practices which are used to create plastic steel and paper, and can replace cotton as a fibre.
      • Hemp crop overall: Don’t use chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemicals when cultivated. No hexanes or solvents are used in the extraction process making it 100% natural. Naturally, phytate free for bio-availability, and are non-GMO.

      Hemp vs Marijuna

      Hemp contains less than 1% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the psychoactive compound found in Marijuana. Although Hemp and Marijuana are from from the same genus of plant ‘Cannabis’ they both carry different characteristics, and different uses. Read the full blog here >> Hemp Vs Marijuana, What’s the difference?