Hemp salads, a bold nutty flavour

    • Hemp foods for healthy recipes: A great nutty flavour to contrast many dishes.

      Sometimes it is hard to decide what we put into a salad, how we make it taste good, and how we keep it healthy and colourful. Colour in a salad is important, colour means that we have a variety of healthy foods, and we know it will be much better for our tummy with all the fibre that the different fruits and veggies have to offer in our salad.

      I am not a chef by trade, but an adult life spent with food intolerances and poor gut health, has forced me to become the cook of all cooks. I have to prepare a majority of my meals to ensure I don’t upset my stomach, and I spend a majority of my day in the kitchen, cooking, testing, tasting, experimenting, and creating meals that I love with the flavours that I desire using hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and hemp protein.

      The Recipe trap

      Following recipes and guidelines can sometimes be detrimental to your meal taste. Many recipes can often be toned down for the conventional pallet, and never venture outside what is known as normal, cheap, quick and easy. I want to explain a little about my cooking brain, how it works, and why I feel hemp foods are the ultimate superfood for any pallet and how the nutty flavour of hemp can contrast the flavour of so many meals.

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      Growing up in a middle class family on a budget, many of our household meals consisted of budget ingredients. Quick and easy family fillers like mince meat, pasta, roast potatoes, lasagne, sausages and my long time favourite.. Peanut butter sandwiches!! All these were the base line ingredients of cheap and easy meals, with the occasional ‘taco night’ thrown in the mix. The thought of bold and extravagant flavours meant an expensive grocery bill. Herbs, spices and sauces were the pre-packed goods that would drive the weekly shopping bill outside of the average families budget.

      With the health and wellness movement on the rise, I am staring to see a larger variety of fruits and superfoods making there way into the supermarkets. Although this means pre packaged foods full of unnatural preservatives, emulsifiers and sugar have significantly decreased in value making them more appealing to the budget savvy ¬†young family. I beg you not to fall into the ‘quick’, ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’ recipe trap and sacrifice your health for your bank account.. What is more important to you? Foxtel or a healthy and happy family?

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      Adding great flavour without the sugar.