Hemp and Pink clay face mask

    • After a simple clay mask treatment to rejuvenate the skin? Look no further! With just a few natural ingredients, this simple recipe will make you think twice about spending big bucks on a beauty treatment. The benefits of a clay mask are plentiful. The natural minerals help to regulate the skins natural oils, heals eczema and dermatitis, and helps to unclog and shrink the pores.

      The added bonus of hemp seed oil, helps to replace any natural sebum lost in the clay treatment, and reduce inflammation that causes acne, eczema, and dermatitis.

      The Ingredients 

      60g of Pink clay (Always have a few spare grams of clay incase you need to add some to thicken the mixture!)
      100g Bentonite clay
      4 tablespoons of Hemp seed oil
      4 Drops of Grapefruit essential oil


      1. Combine all ingredients into a bowl and stir thoroughly removing any lumps.
      2. Add more more hemp seed oil or distilled natural water if needed to add moisture.
      3. Clean face with warm water to remove any excess dirt or oil and dry with a clean towel
      4. Apply face mask evenly to cover the entire face.
      5. Wait 20 mins.
      6. Wash off clay mask with warm water.
      7. Moisturise immediately once the face is dry with a organic moisturiser or hemp butter.