Hemp food for dogs, is it safe?

    • Hemp food for Dogs, is it safe?

      Hemp is not only a superfood for humans but incredibly beneficial for our pets too!

      In case you begin to think that this is just another health craze that has gone too far, let’s remember that the benefits of hemp are backed by science and it has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Take a look at how hemp can be used as a natural medicine and nutritional boost for your dog.

      hemp seed oil for dogs - completely safe

      Most dog foods are void of real nutrients and full of preservatives. Just like us, our furry friends require a diet high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients to maintain good health, especially as they get older and are prone to age related health problems.

      Hemp seeds and their oil are high in digestible protein, a complete source of amino acids, have a perfect balance of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and B vitamins, and contain important minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

      Hemp can not only be used as a supplement for your dog’s health, but with some research and planning, hemp can potentially provide an alternative source of protein to replace meat in your dog’s vegan diet.

      Incorporating hemp into a pet’s diet is a relatively new concept. Until recently, clinical research concerning hemp and animal health has been limited because of the legal constraints surrounding the use of hemp as food. However, an increasing amount of evidence shows promising health benefits for dogs, and veterinarians are beginning to discover the benefits of this powerful plant.

      What is the health benefits of hemp for your dog?

      • Strengthens immune system
      • Improves brain and organ function
      • Reduces inflammation and joint pain
      • Promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system
      • Relieves dry, flaky skin and improves itchiness
      • Thickens coat and lessens shedding

      hemp oil for old dogs and hemp protein for dogs. Is it safe? Your questions answered here.

      How to incorporate hemp foods into your dog’s diet

      Incorporating hemp foods into your dog’s diet is simple. Try adding hemp seeds or hemp seed oil to meat-based foods. This is particularly beneficial as meat is high in saturated fats and low in polyunsaturated fats, so adding hemp creates a perfect balance because hemp contains a high amount of polyunsaturated fats.

      Hemp seed oil has a low smoking point so avoid heating it or adding it to hot dishes. Not only does heat deplete the nutrients, due to the high amount of Omega-6 polyunsaturated fat, hemp seed oil becomes unstable, causing it to oxidize and become rancid.

      How much to add to your dog’s food

      Try adding a teaspoon of hemp seeds to every 250 grams of wet dog food. For hemp seed oil, a teaspoon a day for larger dogs and half a teaspoon a day for smaller dogs is enough for your pooch to enjoy the wonderful health benefits of hemp.

      Word of caution!!

      As hemp is high in omega 6, if your pet is on a poultry based diet, they are probably already intaking a large amount of omega 6, hemp can add too much omega 6 to your dogs diet, and if this is the case it can be counter intuitive. To their health. As always, please consult a veterinary practitioner on any nutritional changes to your best friends diet.

      Article by our resident blogger – Dana Marinac

      Research articles > https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/hemp-for-dogs-should-you-use-it/

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