Hemp foods for expecting mums and babies.

    • Hemp foods for new mums, expecting mums and babies. 

      The bad news about hemp foods is the smelly stigma that surrounds them due to years of prohibition for its much-misunderstood brother marijuana, and a major understanding as to what hemp is and who it can help. When it comes to 100%natural plant based superfoods, Hemp foods ought to be high on the shopping list for expecting mums, new mums and babies. In the daily chaos of life with a new baby, simple and easy ingredients, which offer a great deal of nutritional benefits, are a wonderful thing to have at arm’s length.

      Hemp foods for expecting mums

      Pregnancy is hard on the body and requires an increase of essential nutrients in order for mums to feel 100% and give their energy to bub. In particular: Folic Acid. Even though this vitamin can be found in other sources, such as spinach, kale, peas and beans. It is common for us to be deficient in folate due to our animal based high protein diets. Hemp is a great source of Folic Acid and certainly worth consuming whilst pregnant to help protect your unborn baby. Hemp is also a fantastic protein source for vegan mums and assists in zinc and iron absorption.

      New mums and hemp foods

      Once you’ve given birth, your body is keen to re-balance repair and replace. One of the best nutrients for this, is protein. Hemp foods have high levels of digestible protein, and require no cooking un-like other proteins, and can be such an easy addition to a dish to increase nutritional aid for pregnancy recovery. The addition of omega 6 (GLA) also works wonders for restoring those bumpy hormone levels, which we know can also assist in reducing the likely-hood of post-natal depression.

      Hemp foods and Breastfeeding

      Breastfeeding can also deplete essential nutrients in the body and there are many benefits from Hemp foods that can assist with nursing mums.  Hemp is a great source of calcium, needed for milk production and bone health.  Plus, don’t forget it is also high in Vitamin D, which is essential to aid the body in absorbing that calcium.  Hemp is a perfect partner for milk production!


      These lovely little critters are busy growing their new bones and nutritional foundation.  We want to help them as much as we can, so once the weaning begins, an introduction to hemp foods will go a long way in offering a nutrient dense source of omega fatty acids, B vitamins and iron. Ensuring great heart and brain development for our little ball of joy. Hemp foods are a safe and simple, addition to the modern-day diet, it is easily digested and hypoallergenic. Making it a great wheat and grain free option for sensitive little tummies.

      In the aftermath of new motherhood, both our own bodies and our baby’s, it can be challenging to eat a wide range of nutritious elements in our diet. Opting for additions such as hemp, can be an easy way to achieve new flavours, vitamins and minerals without to much effort.  A simple act like sprinkling hemp seeds on to our porridge or granola, adding protein to a smoothie or making some raw energy balls can be a safe and simple way to maximize you and your bubs wellbeing, in a house full of nappies, visitors, unwashed clothes and nights of broken sleep.

      Make life a little easier and nutritious, reach for the hemp!


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