Natural superfoods to help with weight loss

    • Has there been a point in time when you thought to yourself, today is the day. The day that I get off my butt and go and chase that body I have always been wanting. You get up, get motivated, join a gym or a fitness class. Start lifting some weights or running around the block. Only to come home and reward yourself with a huge bowl of pasta, or a homemade pizza and retreat to the overwhelming desire of a few moments of mouth pleasure. Guilt sets in, failure commences, and the barn door flies open for the chocolate ice cream to walk right in, and shatter your day’s achievements.

      I have done this myself time and time again (especially the pizza part). Succumbing to the hunger cravings is one of the hardest battles you will face when deciding to make lifestyle changes, and pursue that image you have always dreamed of.

      So, why is this? Why do we start, try, and fail time and time again? Some of you might say, “I started and never gave up”. But through my own experience, I don’t often meet motivated and driven people that are still overweight or unhealthy, and don’t commit to their fitness or weight loss goals.

      Let me continue by saying that trying and failing is ok, not everyone can try and succeed the first time around at attempting a weight loss goal, or any goal for that matter. It is ok to fail, as the saying goes. The more you fail the more you learn!

      I want to dig a little deeper though, I want to share with you some things that I learnt through my weight loss journey, and what I learnt about hunger cravings, and why I wish I had hemp foods as part of my nutrition, because it was still a prohibited substance at the time.

      Recent studies have shown the gut microbes, which are the billions of tiny bacteria that call your gastrointestinal tract home, also crave food. They develop at the same right as we do as adults, and just like us they survive on the foods we eat. Amazingly, they also begin to crave foods that we do, because they have been eating what we have been eating since birth, and begin to develop a desire for certain foods, and start to crave them. Crazy, right?

      How does this effect our own bad food choices?

      In recent years, it has been discovered that the gut also hosts a mega city of neurons just like our brain, and we now know that there is an “axis” (communication link) in which the gut and brain communicate. Put simply, the gut microbes can send a signal to the brain, letting us know that they want pizza, there for, our personal decision can possibly be influenced by our own gut bacteria.

      This is where hemp foods come in. Some of the best ways to wrangle the food cravings of our very own gut bacteria are probiotics, pre-biotics and macro-nutrients or nutrient dense foods. Hemp foods are one of the best bio-available foods packed with nutrients. Not to mention that hemp seeds and hemp protein, are high in soluble and insoluble fibre which once consumed, tricks us into thinking we are full for a longer period, therefore reducing overeating, or craving that little sugary snack that can start the pizza to guilt snowball effect.

      How does this help us long term?

      Once the gut bacteria begin to survive on your newly adopted diet they will begin to adapt and thrive. In turn, making it easier for us to make healthier choices. A weight loss journey, 12 week challenge, or whatever journey you decide to take to create a better you, was never designed to be easy. With the simple addition of a superfood like hemp into a shake, smoothie, or salad. Can help make the journey just that little bit easier. Reach for the hemp and feel the cravings drift away. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

      Hemp Factory Director – Tom Dunphy

      Information source – (external link)

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