Hemp Foods

    • hemp oil australiaHemp Seed Oil

      Hemp Seed Oil holds the optimal ratio of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids as stated by the world health organisation, making hemp seed oil great for heart, brain, and liver health. It is also high in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) which offsets the production of inflammatory cells in the body. Making it great for assisting many common inflammatory, and auto-immune diseases including Eczema, Arthritis, and Heart Disease. Hemp seed oil can also help reduce symptoms of PMS.

    • hemp protein powderProtein

      Hemp Protein contains a full BCAA (branched chain amino acid profile). Great for muscle cell repair, and aids the production of new muscle cell membranes. Hemp protein is also high in fibre, omega fatty acids and minerals. It also contains Albumin and Edestin, which amazingly assist the repair of our DNA structure.

    • hemp seeds australiaSeeds

      Hemp Seeds are packed with protein, soluble and insoluble fibre. Making them great for weight loss, sustaining energy and curbing hunger cravings. Hemp Seeds are a nutritional powerhouse packed with nutrients including naturally occurring vitamin D, and Omega GLA, making them great for a plant based diet in assisting the absorption of iron and zinc. As well as helping the body regain hormonal balance.

    • hemp oil australiaValue packs

      Experience the benefits of all our hemp foods by purchasing in bulk with discounts. Our value packs save you more, and give you the opportunity to incorporate all these amazing foods into your healthy lifestyle.