A Guide to Hemp foods for a Happy Gut

    • Our health and wellbeing is profoundly affected by our digestive system, so we need to pay more attention to keeping our gut happy.

      While kombucha and probiotics have become buzzwords in today’s understanding and promotion of wellness, we still commonly misunderstand and overlook the impact of good gut health on our immune system, physical and psychological functioning.

      The nutritional properties found in hemp can treat and prevent many diseases and help keep your gut balanced and happy.

      Factors that contribute to a happy gut are:

      • A healthy gut microbiome
      • Strong gut lining
      • Good digestive enzyme function

      What is the gut microbiome?

      The gut microbiome is a community of billions of microorganisms in the digestive system including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Together these are called gut microbiota and they are responsible for digestion and absorbing and synthesising nutrients. The gut microbiome supports the immune system, brain function and metabolism.

      hemp and gut health

      Each of us belong to a certain ‘enterotype’ which is like a bacterial footprint specific to each person. There is no magic combination and number of bacteria which determines a healthy gut. Instead, a healthy gut microbiome has a balance of good and bad bacteria which requires the right environment to function at its best.

      How does hemp benefit the gut microbiome?

      Hemp seeds are high in fibre which is one of the most important players in maintain a well-functioning microbiome. Fibre is digested by the gut microbes to produce short chain fatty acids. Hemp not only contains fibre to make short chain fatty acids, but also contains actual Omega-3 fatty acids. Short chain fatty acids strengthen cells, control inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

      Unlike other plant based fibres, hemp does not contain lectins or oligosaccharides which can cause gastric upset in some individuals. It is gentle on all gut types and is perfect for those with intolerances to gluten, lactose or nuts.

      Why is it important to maintain strong gut lining?

      Gut lining can be weakened by a diet consisting of highly processed foods and artificial sweeteners. If we don’t eat enough fibre, the microbes start to munch on the protective lining of the gut.

      Weakened gut lining allows small bits of food, toxins and microbes to escape into the bloodstream, which wreaks havoc on the immune system and triggers immune activation causing inflammation. This leaves our immune system vulnerable to disease and negatively impacts our physical and mental health.

      Hemp seeds are high in fibre which prevents the degradation of the gut lining and keeps it intact, stopping bad bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

      What are digestive enzymes?

      Digestive enzymes are proteins that break down food and clot blood. They help the gut break down large molecules into simpler chemical forms which makes them easier to digest and assist with nutrient absorption.

      hemp and digestive health

      What does hemp have to do with digestive enzymes?

      Hemp seeds are high in digestive enzymes and contain little to no enzyme inhibitors, making them superior to other seeds, nuts and grains for nutrient absorption.

      Hemp protein breaks down into amino acids which stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. Amino acids detoxify bad bacteria from the gut and help to rebuild new gastrointestinal cells.

      A healthy diet is the largest contributing factor within our control to a happy gut. Hemp provides the essential fatty acids, fibre, protein and amino acids to help our body and mind combat illness and flourish.

      Article By Dana Marinac