About Us

    • “If you listen hard enough your body talks. The only thing that makes it hard to hear is sugar, additives, and other chemicals that make it to sick to tell you how it feels.” 

      Founder Tom Dunphy is a lifelong cannabis advocate. After experiencing health issues due to obesity and autoimmune disease through his childhood, he turned his life around to find as many natural hemp products to help him deal with the issues related to his auto-immune disease. “Hemp for me was a no brainer as a complete all in one food source, it has so many benefits and is as natural as it comes. As well as the sustainable and low environmental impact it has.” Tom sort out to find the top hemp producers in Australia to find a fresh, raw, farm to table product and created Hemp Factory to share his love for Hemp and Cannabis education.

    • Founder – Tom Dunphy.

    • I have suffered with autoimmune disease throughout most of my childhood. I learnt many holistic treatment methods to get myself back on the road to health. Hemp has been a large part of that journey for me, and I don’t want to stand by while it is overlooked and under appreciated. If what I learnt over my years of ill health, cannabis research and nutritional treatments can help just one person. I will have lived a happy life. I hope you can stick around to watch the Hemp Factory story blossom and reach out to many. Thank you for stopping in, and seeing the care our brand has for better health.


    • What I love, what is my passion? 

      I am a lover of all things nature, especially being in and around water. For me, owning a business that has strong values around sustainability with renewable products, that have a low environmental impact. Hemp farming not only ticks all those boxes but also results in a highly beneficial end result that can improve the health of me and my loved ones. We thought about every aspect of sustainability in our product to the market supply chain, we have deleted any plastics or non-recyclable items in our shipping processes and made as many aspects of product packaging and shipping items 100% bio-degradable where possible.

      We have a huge part of our heart that is dedicated to protecting our local waterways, oceans and marine life. I don’t want my actions to affect anyone’s ability to enjoy our amazing country once we are long gone.

      Where does our hemp come from? 

      Our fresh harvested Australian hemp foods are sourced locally from farms around Australia, we select only the freshest seasonal hemp seeds from family-owned farms in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. Each farm uses only sustainable farming practices without the use of genetic modification, agri-chemicals, and pesticides.

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