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    • farm to table

      All our hemp products are processed fresh at the farm, packaged raw, and sold direct to the consumer.

      Hemp Factory aims to provide a educational platform for those who are interested in helping a natural, sustainable, and nutritious superfood become widely accepted, and to be recognised for all the amazing health benefits it offers. We want to welcome hemp back into modern medicine through diet, a holistic mindset and optimising human health is our goal.

    • Hemp factory started with an idea in early 2016. I found that natural hemp products helped me with a lot of my health issues, that I had gained from a poor diet. I want others to understand the importance of nutrition, and how hemp foods can help you too. Hemp foods are a “farm to table” superfood, grown on organic land without the use of any pesticides, herbicides and no genetic medication (GMO).

      Years of research went into sourcing and developing the highest quality hemp products produced by experts from around Australia and Canada.

      Our current Canadian grown hemp foods are the most highly sort after of all hemp foods that are currently available! The all natural GMO free seeds are the result of nearly 20 years of growing and producing hemp as a food. Our Australian cultivation and processing has now began to catch up after years of struggling with importation issues, and trying to obtain viable healthy seed for food, due the strict misleading laws around hemp as a “drug”. Up until 2017 all Australian hemp was grown under cosmetic only terms, but now with new food regulations due to take place in November 2017, we will have some great quality Australian hemp foods available for selection.

    • Organic Hemp Foods in australia

    • Our Hemp Foods are 100% natural, free of any pesticides, herbicides, and any other nasty agri-chemicals, including genetic modification, and are grown in organic conditions. Hemp plants (industrial cannabis sativa) naturally grows tough and hardy, it has its very own anti-microbial properties that protects the plant from foreign invaders.

      Australian Certified Organic products are not on our radar at present. Our mission is to find the highest quality, nutrient dense hemp products. Whether they be Australian grown, Canadian grow, Certified organic or 100% natural. We just wanted the best. We are happy to be left out of the certified organic fad that see’s plenty of unhealthy food pass the (ACO) requirements, due to poor interpretation of organic foods.

      Further education and development is on the horizon to help therapeutic hemp oil, and other (CBD) based products become readily available for more serious health issues, for those suffering chronic pain, skin conditions, neurological disorders, and epilepsy.



    • Hemp Advocate and Founder – Tom Dunphy

      I want my nutritional meal ideas, health and wellness education, and years of healing my health issues with macro-nutrient dense foods like hemp, to change someone else’s life for the better. I learnt many poor health and diet choices, so you don’t have to!


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